What is physiotherapy?

It seems simple enough. Raise your arm, lift your leg, get moving. But when your body just doesn’t want to cooperate, it’s time to call Revive.

Our physiotherapists are rehabilitation experts with years of clinical experience and post-graduate training. In other words, Lisa and Mary know their stuff and are ready to help people who have limited mobility and pain. If you are recovering from a car accident, sports injury, pregnancy or surgery;  folks coping with chronic pain due to lifelong disabilities, or – let’s face it – anyone who is simply aging, these two amazing therapists can help pretty much everyone feel and move better.

Mary, using The McKenzie Method and Lisa, using The Integrated Systems Model/Connect Therapy will figure out exactly what is causing your pain and tailor in-depth treatments unique to you, providing what your body needs to correct itself.  They use manual therapy (hands on treatment), exercise, needling and alot of education to assess and treat your body in its entirely.  All of your time at the clinic is spent one on one with the physiotherapist (no machines or hot packs).  In complex cases, Mary and Lisa will work together with patients in order to figure out the best approach for the individual.

You deserve to be pain free.

There’s no need to ask your doctor for a referral.  It’s your move. Give us a call, and regain control of your body at Revive. Call us at (780) 460-7384 or email us at frontdesk@revivehealth.ca.

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