Dr Doug Rawlick is the best chiropractor that I have ever been able to work with. He was able to diagnose and help improve an injury that I had been dealing with for over 5 years, which went misdiagnosed by a handful of medical professionals (it took him less than 30 minutes to diagnose my injury without an MRI). Any questions that I ask him about my injury, as well as his approach to solving it, are explained in a clear, concise, and simple manner. Dr. Doug is truly an expert in his practice and you will realize this after only a couple of visits, even if you are feeling hopeless about curing chronic pain like I once was. The office is also a great place filled with staff members who are a pleasure to deal with each time I visit.


I can't thank Mary Bazzarelli enough for relieving my knee pain. She carefully and thoroughly assessed my situation, discussed a new way to understand and treat my pain, and then recommended a few exercises. I've been diligent at regularly doing a few of the exercises she recommended and can now walk an average of 5km per day. I have finished four consecutive days of walking 16km per day, and no longer even think about getting knee surgery soon. Thank you!

Kevin B

Experience with Ceanna. She was knowledgeable and professional. I was experiencing immobility and constant pain from an old hip injury and feel noticeable improvements that have lasted. 

Stylar B

Ceanna is extremely intuitive and has a good read on what her patients need. I appreciate that she takes the time to listen to my concerns, and will then go over my treatment plan with me. I always leave the treatment feeling relaxed, recharged, and well-cared for. I cannot recommend Ceanna enough.

Jan W

Every treatment I've received from Ceanna has been phenomenal. Her presence is professional, welcoming and she made me feel comfortable as I was nervous. Her techniques are gentle and precise, and she provides an empowering experience that brings grounding energy, peace, and healing. Ceanna has the ability to treat your mind, body, and soul. Highly recommend!


Ceanna is a talented acupuncturist. She has the capability to connect with anyone and is truly caring and considerate in her work. I really felt Ceanna was invested in my progress and healing through our sessions. Her understanding of the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms of acupuncture worked well for me. Her sessions lead me through a shift that still impacts my day to day life- I feel lighter, happier, and healthier. Having sessions with Ceanna is incredibly supportive and effective, I am so grateful for the work she has done. Our sessions have left me with a stronger body, clearer skin, and a lighter spirit,

Bea B

As I write this, I am tearing up with the gratitude I feel toward Lisa Lydiatt and the Revive Team.  The staff is top-notch!  I believe that had it not been for Lisa and her care, I would not be where I am today.  I am virtually pain-free and have the knowledge to work myself through flare-ups with the confidence that I will be okay. When I first started treatment with Revive, many years ago, I was not overly confident that physiotherapy would help me.  I had been through treatments before, without much success.  I had heard great things about Lisa, and she had just started her journey with Revive.  I alternated appointments between Lisa and Kristine for several months.  The way they worked together and the care they showed to provide me with relief from debilitating lower back pain was amazing.  Lisa completed the treatment with IMS treatments over a period of a few months, including teaching me how to relax my body should I have flare ups.  This resulted in many years treatment free. In July 2019 I was hospitalized due to paralysis from the waist down.  Following my release, from the hospital, I contacted Lisa to help me with my rehabilitation.  She worked with me for several months to decrease nerve pain as well as increase my strength and mobility.  The care Lisa took to ensure I understood what was happening with my body and that I received the overall medical testing I required was truly amazing.  When Covid hit in March 2020, in-person treatment became difficult, resulting in a backwards slide in my progress.   Having determined that much of my issues were the result of a hypersensitive nervous system, Lisa recommended The Pain Truth program.  The 12-week program involved her coaching me via weekly phone calls, to help me change how my brain interprets pain.  Lisa’s ability to explain the processes I was working through each week, provided me with the motivation and confidence I needed to believe in and complete the program.  Week 1, I was not able to walk for more than 5 minutes; Yoga and Golf were mere dreams.  By week 12, I was walking 60 minutes, completing up to 40 minutes of Yoga, and had started to golf again. Lisa, you have literally given me my life back.  I cannot thank you enough!  

Kathy M

I have really benefited from Dr. Rawlick’s chiropractic treatments . For years I have suffered from headaches and migraines. Over the years I have had traditional chiropractic treatments. However, I have found that for my problem of neck pain and headaches; Dr Rawlick’s treatments to work on scar tissue and adhesions, really bring relief. Because I’m a senior, I am very comfortable with this new approach for treatment. I am so happy to have found Dr Rawlick and this great and welcoming clinic!


Since my last treatment where Robin included craniosacral therapy I am happy to say I CAN SLEEP !!!! And it feels still miraculous to me. He was capable of curing me from my insomnia which was ongoing for I don't know how many years !!! I feel like a new person, can fly through my days and go to bed in the evening at the same time, lie down and just sleep. For someone who doesn't suffer from insomnia it is probably hard to understand what it means, not being able to fall asleep or sleep through the night. I don't know what he did or how he did it, lol, but I can't tell you how grateful I am.

Yvonne I

I had experienced several back issues on and off for 20 years, during which time I visited a few different physiotherapists. Lisa was recommended to me, and during my first visit, she identified some other issues that were contributing to my back pain and stiffness, which had never been diagnosed before.  Her treatments had an incredible impact almost immediately. Lisa’s warm, enthusiastic and interactive approach stands out as exceptional.  She consistently takes the time to listen to my concerns, provide her perspective, and talks me through her treatments.  She is willing to change course if it seems appropriate. She provides the right mix between being professional yet always personable, creating a safe environment where I can ask questions and feel heard. She provides as much explanation and information as I am looking for, and takes the time to make sure I understand not just the exercises I am to do between appointments, but why they will be helpful. I have found this very empowering, as it has equipped me to have both the understanding and the motivation to take more of an active role in my body’s health.  I couldn’t be more grateful and satisfied.

Erica F

I’ve had a number of sessions with Robin for shoulder and hip issues I was having from playing a lot of golf. The results have been very encouraging as the hip is no longer an issue (as long as I keep on doing my stretches) and the shoulder pain is certainly better. Thanks Robin!!!


I’m a big believer in this treatment. I started treatment with Dr Rawlick at the end of May. I had horrible head pain. Within a few weeks of treatment the headaches have subsided substantially. I’m finally able to move and exercise without pain and I’m only in the beginning of my treatment. Dr Rawlick is amazing!


I have been receiving treatments from Robin for 12 years.  He is a very good massage therapist and has incorporated acupressure, Reiki and Craniosacral therapy into his technique in the past few years.  I have found him to be an effective energy conduit.  There is nothing mechanical as his energy tunes into yours and it all flows.  He has helped me with injuries, muscle tension, tinnitus, kidney stones, anxiety and energy blockages.  I always enjoy a feeling of well being during and long after a treatment. I love his music playlists!

Christine R

Nagging, but undiagnosed, overuse injury symptoms led me to Robin - a highly recommended massage therapist who had a following among the athlete and educator crowd in our community.  After a review of my aliments, Robin was able to recognize that the recovery was going to take a team approach. Working alongside a chiropractor, a physiotherapist, and the medical imaging staff, it was Robin’s ability to identify the cause of the symptoms, provide therapeutic massage, and assist in the development of a broader treatment plan that has led me to a full recovery. I don’t know what I would have done without you, I was a mess, I was in pain, and you made me better.  And I don’t know that I ever said thank you.  THANK YOU!!


I heard of the cranial sacral massage and about an amazing therapist that gives the therapy in Bonnyville Mr. Robin Landry.  I was told by a friend that others offered it but he was the only person to go to for this amazing treatment.  When I first met Robin for treatment, I felt like a  out of water and my mind and body felt like there was no connection.  I felt broken and I didn’t know how to help myself honestly, I prayed for the best. The therapy was explained to me and I was hoping for the miracle that was explained.  My first therapy was nothing short of mind blowing and my body and mind felt like I was 19 years old.  I still wasn’t 100% but needed and craved to have more therapy sessions so that I could. I am a person that doesn't relax easily but for some reason I just let it all go.  The energy that Robin exudes is amazing and I never felt more comfortable in his presence. As I felt more connected I was trying to explain to my friends and colleagues of this treatment that I had been receiving and how my body and mind were feeling so connected and that I never experienced anything so strange but amazing in my lifetime.  My mind felt connected to my body again and I was sleeping better and I felt I was given my life back.


Robin has been my therapist for the past 15 years.  He is the best massage therapist I have ever had a massage from and I have had a few!!  Robin is truly gifted and more importantly, he cares about his clients. It also doesn’t hurt that he has great taste in music.


Robin is a true find.  I looked forward to and relied on his massage and Craniosacral work. One of Robin's many gifts is being able to pinpoint what I needed when I wasn’t sure.  The highlight for me is Robin's craniosacral work.  My first experience with this kind of work was very significant after my appointment.  In the week following, I found my “foggy brain” was clearing.  I love playing the piano but found it frustrating because I was unable to focus and gradually lost some of my ability to play.  As I sat down to the piano my mind was clearer each day and I found I was able to focus and play the piano, even songs, and notes that I had forgotten.  I have asked Robin to do a little cranial work each time I’ve gone in for a massage.  Robin is in tune and is very gifted.  Thank you, Robin. Rosilyn


Robin is an extremely knowledgeable and gifted massage therapist. He is highly in tune to the human body and listens to what your body is saying. He doesn't need to ask what you would like worked on as he knows your body will tell him. Here is a small list of some of the MANY things he has worked on over the course of my treatment: he has changed the angle of my hips, lengthened one on my legs, fixed a rib that was out, took care of my knee injury so I could run again, and most importantly brought my extreme menstrual pain under control through acupressure and craniosacral. His methods are never painful and always effective. I highly recommend Robin to be your massage therapist for life!

Shareena W

Mary provides top notch service In the delivery of her physiotherapy skills – my experience with her has been extremely helpful in the reduction of pain and increase in mobility in my body. She has a very professional manner and clearly is very knowledgeable about her practice.  She continually searches for the source of the problem and its reparation, she asks all the right questions and it is evident that her years of experience complement this practice.  She never gives up. In fact, whenever her name happens to pop up in conversations with people I barely know, they pipe right up and express how they just love the work Mary does and how it has improved the quality of their lives dramatically, possibly even avoiding surgery.  She is well known and loved!  That is, in fact, due to her first class professional work.  

Daryl W

Mary is ever the professional and undisputedly an expert in physiotherapy. She recently helped me work through some very persistent shin splints. I recommend her services to anyone looking to recover from aches, pains, and injuries alike. Keep up the good work Mary!

Marc G

Mary, I just wanted to pass on my sincere thanks (again!), for helping me with my recent injury. I will no longer be a non-believer and simply listen.   This time, I wanted to put my thanks in writing. You can tell anyone that I say this:  Anyone choosing Mary for treatment will be safe in your hands.  I have had many bouts of severe back pain for a number of reasons. Yet,  you have always been able to offer sound advice and provide the appropriate treatments that are trusted.  Delivery is calm with reassurance, and of course the applicable sense of humor. Until the next time, I do something foolish   


Mary is an extremely knowledgeable physiotherapist who takes her practice seriously. She helped me with my chronic neck pain by uncovering the root of the cause. I’ve been able to strengthen my neck and I’m now in much less pain. My neck is able to function so much better than before. I would recommend Mary as a physiotherapist to anyone in pain.

Sarah W

This is a gem of a health and wellness place where you can receive various modalities of care!  I have been treated by Lisa for some complex spine issues.  They truly do have wonderful healing hands.  I am so grateful to have been the beneficiary of their excellent care despite being a challenge!  They always find a solution for me.  Thanks to them I am on my way to improved health and less pain!  There is so much positive energy in this clinic, it starts with Sue and her support staff and filters through to whoever you are seeing.  It’s a great place of healing! I used to work in health care before I retired and I have pretty high standards and expectations.  This place is more than I ever imagined!   

Susan M

Revive Whole Body Health is a one stop shop for our whole family. Physio and massage appointments after an accident, chiropractic and acupuncture for body maintenance, and active release technique for muscle pain and reduced mobility.  A special thank you to Dr. Bronwen for her continued care and pro-active treatments to ensure we are living our best life. Dr. Bronwen has base-line tested my daughter for a concussion because of her extreme sports activities. Thank you for getting to know us, share your wealth of knowledge and your intuitive practice.

The Pritles

Revive continues to be inspire and amaze me in their support of health and healing.  A visit is something to look forward to and I’m always appreciative of their efforts as I reflect on the moment on my drive home.


"Dr. Bronwen Samuel honestly changed my life forever. She is an tremdously gifted healer and a very caring human being. Through her treatments she provides me with hope that I can live a full life without pain, and it feels wonderful. Dr. Bronwen’s treatments have helped me function in the world again. Because of her expertise in treating me and knowing exactly what area of by my being needs the attention, she has given me courage for a future which now includes travelling to places I never thought I could ever go!"


Dr. Bronwen and Revive clinic has changed my life. I have been a patient for over 5 years now and I always look forward to my appointments. Anytime I have a body ache or an area that needs attention it usually only takes one visit before I feel brand new. Every person I have recommended to the clinic calls me after raving about the level of healing they experienced. Dr. Bronwen  has a very special gift, simple as that. Daniel


For the last several weeks, I have been visiting Lisa Lydiatt – physiotherapist -at  Revive WholeBody Health in St. Albert. Lisa has been treating me following a fracture in my foot early this summer. I am so impressed by the quality of care I am receiving from Lisa.  I find her very knowledgeable and skilled.  I especially appreciate the time she takes to consult with me about the approaches she takes to my therapy and to describe why certain treatments and exercises will support my full recovery.  Many of my appointments are first thing in the morning and yet Lisa is always welcoming, cheerful and encouraging. My entire experience at Revive has been positive – I find the office spaces very comfortable and all of the staff very client focused, friendly and collaborative!

Lucille Clarke

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work, unbelievable care, your research, your time, staying late, coming in early, calling to check up on me.....whatever you had to do.  It is more appreciated than I will ever be able to find a way to tell all of you.


I have been a patient of Lisa's since she began her practice in St. Albert. I have seen her for a variety of ailments including pregnancy related joint and muscle pain, chronic postural concerns and sport specific rehab. Through her genuine care for me as a person and how these issues affect my daily living and her continuous search for knowledge and growth in her skills, she has helped me eliminate long standing pain and discomfort that no other therapist was able to address for years. Lisa is kind, thorough, passionate and works hard to help each patient reach their full potential.


Your treatment is so caring and effective. Whenever I need a “tune-up” your special hands always work their magic. Thanks.


To Dr. B. - A great big huge thanks to you for your healing hands and gentle spirit. You have been able to effect a change in my body that has also affected my outlook, my ability to enjoy my favorite activities and lightened my spirit. After so long living with pain and limitations, it was like being freed to move again.


I would like to express my gratitude for the amazing work you do! You are not only a skilled therapist, but also demonstrate a sensitivity and awareness that is very special. Your professional approach, easy manner, and positive energy is in itself life giving. This combined with your skilled insights, education and seemingly intuitive nature, have for me produced therapeutic outcomes that have been rather astounding. I did not know it was possible to feel so much better so easily. Nor, did I realize that my body could "know" so much! There really is a connection between mind, body and energy! I am so grateful to have found you!!!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!


Thank you so much for the change you have made to my quality of life! I have struggled with many issues including back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and hip pain( to name a few) and you have effectively treated everything I have presented to you. You keep me able to enjoy the important things in life. Your compassion, kindness and dedication are truly appreciated.


Thank you so much for not only helping me with my back pain, but for offering me a support and understanding i didn't know i needed. Your therapies are an essential component to holistic health. I am more than happy to tell anyone who will listen what a fabulous experience this has been.


Dr. B. you are FANTASTIC! You help me so much and even with your “thumbs of steel” the way I feel after treatment is AMAZING! Thank you…thank you for everything!


Your gentle demeanor always puts me at ease and your kind spirit has created a bond of trust that I know is rare. I always look forward to my visits – not only do you heal my body, you treat my mind and soul as well. Your sense of humour always makes me laugh, and isn’t laughter the best medicine? As I approach the birth of my first baby, I have grown to appreciate so much your “magic” brand of healing and look forward to your participation in the birth of my baby and post-natal care of our little boy!


I came to you with unbearable pain in my left shoulder and arm and I cannot believe the relief you have been able to ‘bring me’ after only 3 treatments. You are amazingly efficient and a pleasure to be with. You have the ability and wisdom to not only relieve pain but to treat people with genuine caring and love. Thank you for your warmth and gentleness (even when it hurts!)


Your treatment is so caring and effective. Whenever I need a “tune-up” your special hands always work their magic. Thanks.


Dr. B. - "I have never known such a freedom from pain! Thank you for everything you do! I love the feeling when i walk into Revive but even more so when i walk out!".


Dr. B. - You are our 'healer dealer'. Thank you so much for your brilliance and magic hands. You've changed my outlook on life and transformed the way my body feels and moves.


Thank You Revive! I am so grateful for all you do for me and my children!


To Dr. B. - A great big huge thanks to you for your healing hands and gentle spirit. You have been able to effect a change in my body that has also affected my outlook, my ability to enjoy my favorite activities and lightened my spirit. After so long living with pain and limitations, it was like being freed to move again.


Dr. B. - You've done it again. I thank you, my body thanks you, my dog thanks you (more walks for her), my spirit thanks you!


Dr. Stevens-Samuel is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Since seeing her my pain has decreased significantly, resulting in an improved quality of life. Dr. Stevens-Samuel is a true healer and i am most fortunate to be under her care.


I just wanted to say a huge Thank you to Dr. Bronwen for my treatment yesterday. I did not realize how uncomfortable and slow moving I had become. I thought it was just the fact that I am nearing the end of my pregnancy. But it wasn't!! This morning I feel so much more rested and taking the stairs no longer causes me grief!! Thank you!


Dr. Bronwen is an amazing human being and a rare gem of a doctor. She is an intelligent, warm & caring professional with extensive knowledge who always seems to know exactly what to do. I love that she can tune in, listen to, and follow my body because i know that she will always do what is best for my personal healing. She is a truly gifted healer and i am honored to have found her. I always feel better when i leave.

Dr. R.

Dr. Stevens-Samuel is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. Since seeing her my pain has decreased significantly, resulting in an improved quality of life. Dr. Stevens-Samuel is a true healer and i am most fortunate to be under her care.