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In this fast-paced world of ours, it’s become more important than ever to take the time to slow down. If you don’t, your body surely will. Sore and tired muscles know when they’ve had enough and don’t mind telling you so.

Using a variety of hands-on methods, the Registered Massage Therapists at Revive stretch and loosen muscles and connective tissue, making room for more oxygen and nutrients to join the “its time to feel better” party. This results in a “waking up” of areas that had previously felt knotted up and cut-off. Circulation is improved, muscle tension and stiffness are relieved, and body and mind are relaxed.

No wonder we, at Revive Whole Body Health, see massage therapy as an integral part of the overall health experience.

Are you interested in massage therapy with our Registered Massage Therapists? Call us at (780) 460-7384 or email us at frontdesk@revivehealth.ca.

Pregnancy for massage?

Let’s face it: once a wee one arrives on the scene, downtime tends to disappear. So pamper yourself a bit beforehand!

Studies show that not only does prenatal massage make your body feel great, also good for your mind—reducing anxiety and depression, and improving sleep. Then there are the benefits of regulating those pesky hormones and reducing painful swelling. Throw in the fact that a massage today might help your labour tomorrow (or months from now), and you have no excuse. Check with your midwife or and we have skilled Massage Therapists who know how best to care for you both.

Athletic therapy treatments

Whether you are an aspiring athlete, an established athlete (or even a committed weekend warrior) – Sports Specific Massage is an important aspect to pre-event, post-event and restoration training.
It helps prevent muscle and tendon injuries. Massage helps stimulate circulation and help prepare you for optimal performance and reduces your likelihood of injury.

It helps reduce the strain and discomfort of training and chronic strain patterns, and allows a quicker return to maximum training levels.

It assists the athlete to recover more quickly from myofascial injury with less chance of chronic problems returning.

Our Sports Specific trained Registered Massage Therapists can help you with your training, performance and recovery.

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