The human body is designed for motion and activity, but not for the repetitive action of many of today’s sports. The forceful impact that joints endure on a regular basis eventually results in an injury of some sort or another. The sooner injuries are addressed, the quicker they are to heal.

Acupuncture is an ideal treatment for most sports injuries in that it reduces recovery time, increases range of motion and resolves pain, but it’s actually most beneficial for athletes while they’re training, ‘before’ an injury occurs. Those who incorporate acupuncture as part of their regular training regimen notice better overall performance and energy and sustain fewer injuries. More and more of the world’s leading athletes are turning to acupuncture to get them feeling, moving and performing at their best – but no matter what your level of athleticism is, acupuncture will serve you well. Before you know it, you’ll be back out there doing your thing and doing it better than ever.