Krista's Hours

  • Sunday: Closed
Creative Crafter, Masterful Mama, Running Renegade

To understand Krista accurately, it is useful to imagine her at a huge table, surrounded by millions of little pieces of coloured paper, ribbons, glue, scissors, and rulers. She’s a scrapbooker of course, and this bit of info shows a big picture. Krista is someone who can take what looks like a mess, a jumble of information and make it into something beautiful. She might be cutting funky borders, sticking pictures to carefully designed pages, or she might be designing a slideshow on Powerpoint or creating interesting content for social media: all of it speaks to Krista’s organizational mind that creates beautiful things. This is part of what makes Krista one of Revive’s front end wonder women.

In her downtime, one of her favourite pastimes is to carry a huge mess of baseballs, pucks, birdies, and running shoes to watch her two sons and one daughter tearing it up on whatever diamond, arena, gym, or track they can get their mitts on. Her kids clearly get their love of fitness from Krista, for when she has some time to herself, she loves running on the trails in the river valley (she even races!) and getting her stretch on doing yoga.

At Revive, we love Krista for her integrity, wit, loyalty, creativity, and organization. She brings so much skill and beautiful rigour to the whole operation.