Brenda's Hours

  • Wednesday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Sunday: Closed
Loyalty Lavisher, Flower Whisperer, Laughter Master

Brenda loves her family and friends, her kids and dogs, her time in nature and weeding her garden. You might find her out for a walk or with her hands in the dirt or watching her children throwing balls or shooting pucks. And these are all lovely things, but for her presence at the clinic, there are some important features of her that really make her special.

Although she can come off as quiet, Brenda’s laugh is a beautiful, sonorous surprise: loud, contagious, joyful. It’s the kind of laugh that announces her happy presence to all within earshot. It’s her signature in a way, and it lets you know that she loves life and people and connection. Of course, don’t let her jocularity fool you; when she is in the treatment room, she is serious about making sure that people are receiving top notch, professional attention in their CranioSacral experience. She asks questions to tailor treatments to the patient’s needs, uses her gentle, intuitive hands to nudge the body back into balance, and at the end, cares enough to ask about what might have been missed or what sort of needs her patients have from their experience on the table.

Brenda’s desire to tend to her patients is supported by loads of academic and practical education since. At the core of her training is Brenda’s completion of her CranialSacral 1 & 2, Somato-Emotional Release 1 & 2, and Advanced CranioSacral 1. In addition to these, she has deeply supplemented her learning with courses in Healing from the Core Curriculum including: Full Body Presence, Advanced Energy Dynamics, Expanding Present-Moment Consciousness, Trauma Recovery/Healing Nervous System.

She has also taken CranioSacral for Longevity: Reversal of the Aging Process. So, not only can Brenda help you heal, she can help you stay young!

Brenda is a pro. It’s that simple. She has been honing her craft for the past 20 years, but she is still so excited and passionate about her work that she just wants to keep learning as much as she can. Brenda is a welcome and talented addition to the Revive team!