As I write this, I am tearing up with the gratitude I feel toward Lisa Lydiatt and the Revive Team.  The staff is top-notch!  I believe that had it not been for Lisa and her care, I would not be where I am today.  I am virtually pain-free and have the knowledge to work myself through flare-ups with the confidence that I will be okay.

When I first started treatment with Revive, many years ago, I was not overly confident that physiotherapy would help me.  I had been through treatments before, without much success.  I had heard great things about Lisa, and she had just started her journey with Revive.  I alternated appointments between Lisa and Kristine for several months.  The way they worked together and the care they showed to provide me with relief from debilitating lower back pain was amazing.  Lisa completed the treatment with IMS treatments over a period of a few months, including teaching me how to relax my body should I have flare ups.  This resulted in many years treatment free.

In July 2019 I was hospitalized due to paralysis from the waist down.  Following my release, from the hospital, I contacted Lisa to help me with my rehabilitation.  She worked with me for several months to decrease nerve pain as well as increase my strength and mobility.  The care Lisa took to ensure I understood what was happening with my body and that I received the overall medical testing I required was truly amazing.  When Covid hit in March 2020, in-person treatment became difficult, resulting in a backwards slide in my progress.  

Having determined that much of my issues were the result of a hypersensitive nervous system, Lisa recommended The Pain Truth program.  The 12-week program involved her coaching me via weekly phone calls, to help me change how my brain interprets pain.  Lisa’s ability to explain the processes I was working through each week, provided me with the motivation and confidence I needed to believe in and complete the program.  Week 1, I was not able to walk for more than 5 minutes; Yoga and Golf were mere dreams.  By week 12, I was walking 60 minutes, completing up to 40 minutes of Yoga, and had started to golf again.

Lisa, you have literally given me my life back.  I cannot thank you enough!