I had experienced several back issues on and off for 20 years, during which time I visited a few different physiotherapists. Lisa was recommended to me, and during my first visit, she identified some other issues that were contributing to my back pain and stiffness, which had never been diagnosed before.  Her treatments had an incredible impact almost immediately.

Lisa’s warm, enthusiastic and interactive approach stands out as exceptional.  She consistently takes the time to listen to my concerns, provide her perspective, and talks me through her treatments.  She is willing to change course if it seems appropriate. She provides the right mix between being professional yet always personable, creating a safe environment where I can ask questions and feel heard. She provides as much explanation and information as I am looking for, and takes the time to make sure I understand not just the exercises I am to do between appointments, but why they will be helpful. I have found this very empowering, as it has equipped me to have both the understanding and the motivation to take more of an active role in my body’s health.  I couldn’t be more grateful and satisfied.