I heard of the cranial sacral massage and about an amazing therapist that gives the therapy in Bonnyville Mr. Robin Landry.  I was told by a friend that others offered it but he was the only person to go to for this amazing treatment.  When I first met Robin for treatment, I felt like a  out of water and my mind and body felt like there was no connection.  I felt broken and I didn’t know how to help myself honestly, I prayed for the best.

The therapy was explained to me and I was hoping for the miracle that was explained.  My first therapy was nothing short of mind blowing and my body and mind felt like I was 19 years old.  I still wasn’t 100% but needed and craved to have more therapy sessions so that I could. I am a person that doesn’t relax easily but for some reason I just let it all go.  The energy that Robin exudes is amazing and I never felt more comfortable in his presence.

As I felt more connected I was trying to explain to my friends and colleagues of this treatment that I had been receiving and how my body and mind were feeling so connected and that I never experienced anything so strange but amazing in my lifetime.  My mind felt connected to my body again and I was sleeping better and I felt I was given my life back.